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My Spouse, Partner or Friend Needs Help

When a codependent is drowning, somebody else's life flashes before their eyes.
- Stephen King

What is Codependancy

Codependency, also known as relationship or love addiction, can be experienced by spouses or partners of addicts. It involves neglecting your own needs and focusing solely on your partner as a means to soothe your inner pain and loneliness.

Codependency symptoms

Common symptoms of codependency include denial, isolation, gaslighting, manipulation, lying, feeling insane, emotional reactions, and compulsive behavior. Codependents may become overly controlling of their partner. To the point where it can consume their entire life, like any other addiction.

Codependents often justify their partner's problematic behavior and may abandon friends and social activities. They may enable their partners or exhaust their energy trying to change them through manipulation, blaming, lying, or nagging. They might also withdraw from social circles to conceal their problems. For this reason, codependency is often associated with shame and secrecy.


As codependency worsens, dependence and obsession become more intense. Codependents may then turn to other addictive behaviors, at which point abuse can occur. In the most severe cases, codependency can even affect one's physical health.

What to do 

If you suspect that you may be a codependent, the first step towards recovery is recognizing the problem. We are here to help. Our Clinical Director, Yakov Shusterman MSW, also serves as our Family Counselor. Yakov has years of experience in family-dynamics therapies and organizes special meetings for partners of addicts.


Contact us today to receive assistance with codependency: (323) 488-4114

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