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Private Recovery Treatment in California

A custom addiction recovery program based on your specific needs. With your personal dedicated team of professionals, in luxurious facilities. 

Your Personal Recovery

Concierge addiction medicine provides a highly personalized care experience, ensuring direct access to medical physicians tailored to individual needs. It also includes dedicated mental health support and wellness caregivers who focus on comprehensive, patient-specific treatment plans.


This approach enhances the overall care experience, fostering a closer, more supportive relationship between patients and their healthcare providers.

Residential treatment services at Synergy Recovery

World-Class Customized Addiction Treatment

About Concierge Addiction Medicine 

Continuous and immediate access to an elite team of dedicated treatment professionals is provided. Your caregivers will gain an intricate understanding of your personal and family medical histories, so as to best manage your care proactively. This includes more diverse testing and clinical assessment. Also advice and recommendations tailored to meet the exact needs of where you are at in your recovery.

Synergy sober living odgen bedroom two queen bed. Bright, spacious bedroom at Synergy Recovery with two large beds, wooden flooring, and access to a sunny patio, offering a comfortable healing environment.

Personal Medical Team


Trauma Specialist


Primary Therapist

Case Manager

EMDR Specialist

Family Therapist

Personal Wellness and Comfort Team

Sober Companion

Personal Trainer


Personal Chef

Holistic Healer

Meditation Guide

Yoga Instructor

Personal Shopper

Learn more about Private Addiction Treatment at Synergy 

Synergy addiction recovery programs in Beverly Hills

Concierge Treatment at Tanger Chateau

A private-service residence for ultimate comfort and confidentiality, in West Hollywood Hills.

Concierge Treatment at West Beach Lane

Concierge Treatment at West Beach Lane

A private-service residence for ultimate comfort and confidentiality, in Malibu.

Holistic drug rehabilitation at Synergy Beverly Hills

Sober Companion at Synergy

We redefine the path to recovery with a commitment to excellence, privacy, and unparalleled support. 

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