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Tuning In To Recovery 

What Is It? 

Tuning In To Recovery is an outpatient class designed to aid in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We encourage clients to express themselves and to express their feelings through the healing power of music. Musical expression will also be a means by which clients will learn to connect and communicate with one another.


The opposite of addiction is connection. And connection with others is always a principle goal in treatment.


Week 1 

Overview of the goals of the course. The spiritual as well as practical aspects of this course which will benefit the client's recovery. There will be a basic writing assignment.

Week 2

Clients will list five songs that have inspired them. They will describe their feelings about the beat, melody, lyrics, and topic of the song. From this will come a range of ideas for clients to craft their own music.

Week 3

Class will start with each client receiving their own custom beat. Melodies, lyrics, and themes will begin to be explored for that beat.

Week 4

We will continue to craft our songs we started the previous week. Finalizing the structure and writing verses.

Week 5

Clients who are comfortable will be given the option of singing their song. There will be instruction in cadence, timing, phrasing, etc.

Week 6

We will begin recording our songs. All songs will be mixed and mastered outside the group.

Week 7

Clients will receive back their mixed and mastered songs. After which they will have the option of playing it for the group and receiving constructive feedback.

Week 8

We will be discussing beats. And pieces of music we enjoy for their rhythms.  Also sounds and instruments clients want to lay over their own beats.

Week 9 , 10, 11

Clients will write about elements of their past, their hopes, their pain, etc. Through this personal expression we will begin crafting lyrics. We will continue crafting rhymes, beats and melodies until we each have a completed personalized song. At this time the client will choose whether to record and share their song.

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